Nerd-Out Commander

Code Name: Head Nerd

File Name: Mitch GilIan
Aliases: Chef, Chang, Papa, La Zebra
Specialty: Galactic Snacks
Secondary Specialty: Star Wars Obsession
Birthplace: the Planet Formerly Known as Alderan

At a young age, head nerd was seduced by rock 'n roll and culinary underground. As legend has it, he, ravaged numerous cavernous kitchens for the last 20 years plus, while acquiring various rare collectables from as far out as the Outer Rim. Now after years of the scoundrel life, Head Nerd has settled down with his beautiful alien queen and two little super heroes to bring you the Nerd-out.

We take what we want and leave the rest, just like your salad bar.


Code Name: Nerd Mama

File name: Gennifer Gillan
Aliases: mama, princess ("don't call her princess"), Chewbacca
Primary Specialty: CEO of the mothership
Secondary Specialty: nursing, creator
Birthplace: Mission potato deep in the upside down

She is married to the head nerd, they're like Bill and Teds greatest adventures, with a Daryl and Rick show down. She's also a mama to two beautiful Lil' heroes, all things magical, along with some intense potions. She mumbles and no one can ever hear what she is saying, hence, "Chewbacca". She is creative and likes to make stuff. She is enamored by Rick Grimes. She thinks Spider-Man and Wonder Woman are pretty cool. Darth Vader is a big part of her life and has grown quite fond of the Death Star.

Drink Specialist

Code Name: Booze Emperor

File Name: Joshua Hackney
Aliases : Darth Vermouth, God Dram It, Lord Vodkamort
Specialty skills: Mixology
Secondary specialty: 2nd degree black belt, photography, aggressive driving
Birthplace : Gamma 12 of New wave system

Bio - Raised in So. California in the rough streets of the artist colony Laguna Beach after fleeing my war torn home planet. I went to Earth Colleges to take courses in subjects I never did anything with. After that I decided it was time for a change so I moved to Los Angeles and started taking up Photography and Drinking.

My Earth Partner decided that Mixology was my calling since I spent so much time in Pubs. So I went to Bartenders College in an attempt to fit in with Ignorant Earthlings and then moved from Los Angeles CA to Portland OR and have been slinging the space juice ever since.