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If you are a nerd, a weirdo, comic freak or a fun person, you will love to be around us.


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Welcome my fellow nerds to your new haven!

If you’re an outcast, your hang out spot is here. We welcome nerds of all shapes, sizes, and colors, no matter what planet you hail from. The Nerd Out is a place to enjoy good food and a comic book or two. Come in a costume, trade your collectibles, or talk the latest video game. There shall be no talk of sports or politics at The Nerd Out unless you’re talking about quidditch or the state of the Galactic Empire. Our promise is to cook you good food in a place where nerds are free to be nerds!

We're open from 4pm-close, except Mondays.

Enjoy good food and comic at The Nerd Out
The Nerd Out Restaurant 503-233-1225 CHEFMITCH@THENERDOUTPDX.COM